1390 laser cutting machine

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The CO2 metal and nonmetal laser cutting machine with the wide using area. The special designed machine structure and auto focus laser head, with the help of the oxygen gas, to obtain good metal and nonmetal cutting result.


The machine mainly cut for stainless sheet, carbon steel, acrylic, wood, plywood, MDF, double-color board, etc.

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Mixed laser head

The laser head with the help of the oxygen gas, to obtain good metal and nonmetal cutting result.Special design up and down laser head, enable it cut well on uneven metal materials.


Ruida control system

Ruida control system, the most popular control system, support multiple languages, stable performance, easy to learn and operation.

 Lasar tube

China top one quality laser tube, use life more than 10,000 hours, share global protection during warranty, with high working efficiency and fast cutting speed.

Taiwan CSK/ HIWIN guide rail

Adopted Taiwan HIWIN linear guide rail, fast running and high positioning accuracy for a longer time, improves the accuracy of engraving and cutting.

Taiwan TBI ball screw transmission

Adopted Taiwan TBI ball screw, match Japan YASKAWA servo motor, this machine get additional more precision and flexibility in cutting result.

Control box

Install high quality electrical components in China, more secure. Reasonable layout with clean and efficient design, it convenient for machine repair and maintenance.

Technical Parameter:

Model YK1390/ YK1325
Working area 1300*900mm/ 1300*2500mm
Laser power 180w/ 280W/ 300W/ 350W
Cutting speed 0-50mm/s
Repositioning accuracy ±0.05mm
Working voltage AC110-220v ±10% 50HZ-60HZ
Consuming power less than 1000 watt
Graphic format supported BMP, PLT, DST,  DXF, AI,CDR
Software supported CorelDraw, PhotoShop, AutoCAD
Minimum letter size English 1mm x1mm Chinese 2mm x 2mm
Driving system Panasonic/ Yaskawa drivers and servo motors
laser tube cooling type CW5200/ CW6000 industry chiller
other auxiliary equipment Exhaust fans and air exhaust pipe
Working temperature 0-45°c
Operating humidity 8%-95% (without condensed water)
Laser control system DSP control  system Ruida 6332M
Laser tube type Sealed CO2 glass laser tube


Applicable materials:

Nonmetal materials, like acrylic, wood, MDF, die board, and so on. Metal materials, such as stainless steel, carbon steel, etc.

Applicable industry:

Mainly used in advertising, decoration industry( stainless metal and carbon steel related products), sheet metal industry (carbon steel), packing industry(die board) and other related industry.




1390 laser cutting machine work video:

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