1530 Fiber cutting

To meet the increasingly complex needs of consumers, we targeted market demand, independently developed the YK1530 sheet and pipe integrated laser fiber cutting machine, one machine dual purpose, this machine solves double cutting needs by one time.



Laser head with auto focus
Swiss Raytools laser head with red dot, easily and quickly to find working point. Auto focusing height follower could ensure the constant distance between the head and cutting material.
Rotary device
Regarding market demand, we developed the sheet and pipe integrated laser fiber cutting machine. one machine dual purpose, this machine solves double cutting needs by one time.
Cypcut control system
Cypcut control system, advanced technology suitable for all kinds of metal cutting, easy to learn and operation.
 Taiwan HIWIN linear guide rail
Adopted Taiwan HIWIN linear guide rail, with high positioning accuracy and stable performance for a long time.
Japan Yaskawa or Panasonic servo motor
With powerful and fast speed, fine configuration, controlling credibility, high precision, stable operation and free of maintenance.
Japan SMC electric proportional valve
All electromagnetic valve, check valve, etc adopted Japan SMC brand, with good quality, safe to use, long life.

Technical Parameter:

Machine Model YK1530 fiber laser cutting machine
Laser power 500w/ 800W/ 1000w/ 2000w
Laser head Switzerland Raytools
Transmission Taiwan silver HIWIN square rail, Taiwan YYC gear rack
Laser wavelength 1064nm
Drive system Japan Yaskawa/ Panasonic servo motor
Laser Beam quality <0.373mrad
Position type Red Dot
Max. Idle Running Speed 1400mm/s
Cutting Speed 300mm/s
Position Accuracy ±0.05mm/m
Position Speed 20m/min
Min. Line Width ±0.02mm
Power Consumption ≤12KW
Carry weight 1000KG
 Voltage 380V/50HZ,3PH
Auxiliary Gas for cutting Oxygen, Nitrogen, Air
Compatible software Autocad, Coreldraw, etc
Working method PC / DSP control


Applicable materials:

Stainless Steel Sheet & Hollow pipe, Carbon Steel Sheet & Hollow Pipe, Stainless Iron Sheet & Hollow Pipe, Galvanized Sheet & Hollow pipe, Manganese steel, Electrolytic plate, Aluminum Alloy, Titanium Alloy, Aluminum, Brass, Rare metal, etc.



Fiber cutting machine work video:


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