960 cnc router

Yk 6090 CNC router is one high precision small CNC engraver with 2D & 3D CAD/ CAM machining capabilities. It is the best choice for the engraver, sign maker, panel maker and educational institution.


The machine structures are designed with cast iron structure, Taiwan ball screws transmission for X/ Y/ Z axis.


2.2KW water cooled or Air cooled spindle

China top quality spindle, fast speed, high engraving precision, good cooling effect and low noise.

 Rotary device

Length 900mm and diameter 100mm, the machine could carving for both plate and cylindrical objects,with fast speed and high precision.

Control cabinet

Use Fuling inverter and France Schneider electrical components, safe and durable, extremely stable.

Working table

PVC+ aluminum profile work surface, smooth surface, not easy to deform. with T-slot clamp, the fixing material is more firm.

HIWIN Linear Guides

Taiwan imported HIWIN linear guides and sliders for precise positioning, smooth operation and long service life.

Manual oil lubrication system

Lubricate important parts of the machine to prevent rust, improve work accuracy and extend mechanical life.

Technical Parameter:

Model YK6090
X,Y working area 600×900mm
Z working area 150mm
Spindle power 2.2KW water cooled
Control system NC-Studio/ DSP
Transmission X Y rack transmission, Z-axis screw
Max carving speed 10m/min
Resolution 0.005mm
Repeatability 0.025mm
Max feeding height 150mm
Command G code*.u00*.mmg*.plt
Surrounding for software Windows 2000/XP
Power (not including spindle) 300W
work mode Stepper motor
Working table T-slot with water sink
Spindle rotating speed 0-24000rpm/min
Work voltage AC220V/380V 50-60Hz

Applicable materials:

Wood, aluminum, plastic, density board, MDF, wave board, PVC, acrylic, crystal, light marble and other nonmetal materials and light metal material.



960 cnc router work video:


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