Gantry plasma cutting machine

Huayuan plasma source or American Hypertherm for choose. Together with high sensitive arc pressure adjuster, self-adjusting to choose the best distance between plasma head and work piece automatically in order to ensure cutting accuracy.


Advanced material inclined discharging design, all finished work pieces and fragments slide into both sides of tunnel for safe and convenient collection.



Plasma torch with Anti collision device

The anti collision device ensure the machine automatically stop when it touches the material, to keep safe of machine and operator.

Starfire control system

Advanced numeral Starfire or Start control system for choose, stable performance, easy to learn and operation.

Plasma source

Hypertherm/ China Huayuan source for choose, both with high sensitive arc pressure adjuster.

Taiwan HIWIN Linear guide rail

Adopted Taiwan linear guide rail, with high positioning accuracy for a longer time.

Japan servo motor

The machine with Japan Panasonic or Yaskawa servo motor and driver, which has position detection function and characterized of high working precision and short acceleration time.

Lubrication oil filling system

The guide rail is automatically oiled to prevent rust from being a certain degree of protection on the guide rail, maintaining accuracy and running speed.

Technical Parameter:

Model YK1530/ YK2050/ YK2060/ Customized
Working area (customizable) 1500*3000mm/ 2000*5000mm/ 2000*6000mm
Process thickness 0.5-30mm
Power 8.5KW-10.5KW
Working voltage AC 220V/380V 50HZ/60HZ
Cutting speed 0-8000mm/min
Traveling speed 0-5000mm/min
Plasma current 40A-200A
Plasma source brand China or Import
Power frequency 50HZ
File transfer USB
Controller Starfire
Torch height controller HYD THC
Work mode Non-contact arc striking

Applicable materials:

Matel sheets such as iron sheets, Aluminum sheets, Galvanized sheets, Tianium plates;



Gantry plasma work video:


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